What does C-All do?

Monitoring all data of service stations isn't common. An online overview is missing to manage all on-site systems - devices responsible for refueling and supplying the stations - and to comply with environmental and safety requirements.

That's why we created C-all.
C-all captures millions of real time signals from thousands of devices in service stations, from dispensers to leak detections, cameras, and all other devices installed on a site. These signals are processed and stored in the cloud. They are made available to end users through a custom web application.
Alarm handling
Easy analysis
Asset management
Predictive maintenance
Real-time reconciliation
KPI performance
Fraud detection
Control of safety systems
Energy management
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Used by

Fraud team
Technical specs




The data is shown in a simple and graphical way to enable quick interpretation.



Connect all existing and new devices from your entire network to 1 platform.

AI algorithms


Combining data with AI algorithms provide better insights in the network.

Open platform


Third party applications can be connected via API.

Secure data capture and transmission


Support for complex network topologies with VPN, VLAN, …

Robust and Scalable software architecture


The software is battle hardened through more than one million hours running-time.

Carbon neutral


The application and data is hosted in secure and efficient carbon neutral data centers.

Remote control of devices


e.g. door opening, emergency stop, …


We believe that a more sustainable use of energy will make the world a better place. Where efficiency leads to better business and better business leads to better lives. Where time and energy are sacred and too precious to be wasted. Where frustrations no longer exist and innovation makes you realize what you've always been missing. Where sensory data do a great job by making your job easier and more accurate. That's why we are pleased to introduce you to our user-friendly platform that will put you in control.

The one who keeps an eye on everything and tells you all. The one you trust. The one who sees it all. Even when something is wrong. This one is C-ALL.

C-ALL. All you need in one.

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"C-all as
the best fit"

Christian Raets
Engineering Manager Shell Belgium

All competitors also have unmanned sites to keep costs down, so in addition to the price and cleanliness of our sites, one way to make a difference is the reliability of our sites. This means that we must have continuous, remote monitoring for maximum control. These sites are of course visited daily by the retailer responsible for cleaning and incident reporting, but in fact 95% of the time there is no one on site from Shell or a trusted partner. We chose C-all as the best fit in order to have real-time visual insight into the current and historic status of our entire network, a tool that allows for easy analysis and preventive detection of defects.

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"A team of specialists"

Engineering Manager Shell Luxembourg
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (ADR & RID)
Legal HSSE Advisor

Since the installation of C-all at all our service stations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we can be sure that alarms are monitored remotely by a team of specialists. On-site staff don't always have the necessary skills, so C-all takes the responsibility away from the day-to-day monitoring by station staff, who can concentrate on their job of providing the best possible service to our customers. Thanks to this system, we have a live view of the stocks, which allows us to schedule deliveries automatically. A large number of reports are available and we can control procedures, such as the maximum filling of a tank, from a distance.With C-all, we are 100% in service station management 4.0

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"One platform"

Pierre de La Conté
Capex lead France & Luxembourg

Every device has its own monitoring system, technical alarms and monitoring systems installed on customer sites are numerous and very different. It is sometimes complex for operations to monitor with efficiency at any time. That is why we opted for C-all where everything can be done on 1 platform with the additional advantage that all data of all devices can be combined clearly.

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"For HSSE driver compliance"

Marc Celens
Sr. Road transport compliance coordinator Shell Belux

Personally, I use C-all for HSSE driver compliance. It allows me to make videos for driver training purpose. It also shows me if e.g. earthing is connected during delivery and if drivers apply the correct filling grade and not overfill the tanks. Looking at stock data we can help the driver by giving accurate real time stock levels before and after delivery if he is not able to get them at the station for whatever reason.

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"A quick overview"

Pawel Gadek
Customer Operations Specialist Shell Poland

The direct access to the C-all tool enables us at the customer service centre a quick overview of client’s transactions. You can freely check with your client online the details of the transaction. Also, you can download the ticket as PDF in 4 languages and provide the client with it without having to contact the 3rd parties.Also very useful is the possibility to check the tanks’ stock which helps checking the origin of some complaints. Also some less frequently used features are very helpful (e.g. electricity to check on possible power outages,…)

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Who is who

Jan D’hont

Co-founder and CEO
Economist and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy and mobility sectors. Jan is keeping track of the finances and helps to grow C-all’s market. He is passionate about new ideas and has a strong desire to realize them.
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Tom van Nevel

Co-founder and CTO
Electrical engineer, always focused on technological innovation to create a positive impact in the world. Tom has extensive expertise in managing and supporting technical teams for fuel station maintenance. Tom brings his broad and in-depth knowledge of all service station technologies to life in C-all. Tom truly is a technology wizard.
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Rina Mertens

Key account & Product development manager
Rina has built up a wide range of knowledge in the petrol world and is expert in POS, BOS, HOS, payment applications, technical maintenance of petrol sites to execution of global projects for major oil companies. Her in-depth knowledge and her close collaboration with the customers lead to a perfect translation of the customers' needs in our C-all platform. Her enthusiasm motivates other people and gives her the energy to go the extra mile.
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Roel van Steenberghe

IT manager
Roel combines a deep expertise in cloud and security. He is leading the IT team and is the one helping new customers to integrate with C-All. With over 15 years of experience in cyber security and cloud technologies he is well-versed to lead the team of cloud engineers and programmers. Roel is reliable and keeps a cool head in stressful situations.
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Alex Cloud Engineer
Rune Cloud Engineer
Elian Developer
Bram Developer
Laurent Developer
Loïc Hardware support engineer
Mieke R&D developer
Anamaria R&D developer
Frédéric Director projects
Quinten Project manager
Soraya Project manager
Bart Data engineer
Christophe Technical support manager
Ellen HR manager
Ellen Community manager
Marc Market analyst
Nelly Accounting
Maxime Installation & commissioning engineer
Dary CCTV & Security engineer
Mike CCTV & Security engineer
Rudy Field service engineer
Gwen Field service engineer
Phillip Field service engineer
Cristian Field service engineer
Vasile Field service engineer
Nemo Technical support specialist


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